This year’s annual Yule 5K race featured less runners than in previous years. The weather was cold and rainy the day before and the ice storm from earlier in the week held many runners at home, fearful of more ice and sleet. With 78 runners from all over the River Valley, the Yule 5K was still a thrilling success. Ian Carter of Greenwood was the overall winner with a time of 18:51.2 and Holly Craig, also of Greenwood was the top female runner with a time of 25:16.8. Santa Claus was seen running the race again with one of his elves. Santa has run the Yule 5K on a regular basis and many believe he uses the race in Greenwood as a training aid to prepare for the marathon of gift deliveries on Christmas Eve.

The top finishers are listed below with their chip times:

Top Male: Ian Carter of Greenwood, 18:51.2

Top Female: Holly Craig of Greenwood, 25:16.8

Age 10-14 Female: Madeline Ciesla of Greenwood, 26:43.1

Age 15-19 Female: Lexie Adams of Greenwood, 39:17.4

Age 20-24 Female: Rachel Fritsche of Greenwood, 27:16.7

Age 25-29 Female: Courtney Williams of Greenwood, 28:33.4

Age 30-34 Female: Sarah Crockett of Greenwood, 25:51.0

Age 35-39 Female: Cindy Koeth of Greenwood, 26:14.1

Age 40-44 Female: Shani Patterson of Fort Smith, 28:48.8

Age 45-49 Female: Joan Rendon of Waldron, 26:57.7

Age 50-54 Female: Lorna Armstrong of Van Buren, 25:42.2

Age 55-59 Female: Debbie Fritsche of Greenwood, 28:21.6

Age 60-64 Female: Jean Hollander of Fort Smith, 26:02.1

Age 65-69 Female: Wanda Sanders of Lavaca, 40:48.4

Age 0-9 Male: Gavin Ciesla of Greenwood, 25:39.9

Age 10-14 Male: Collin Curry of Greenwood, 21:11.7

Age 15-19 Male: Matthew Mahan of Greenwood, 19:33.1

Age 20-24 Male: Jordan Lee of Russellville, 27:32.2

Age 25-29 Male: Garrett Rogers of Fort Smith, 19:54.1

Age 30-34 Male: Chadley Treadaway of Fort Smith, 29:09.7

Age 35-39 Male: Frank Koeth of Greenwood, 21:22.0

Age 40-44 Male: John Hunnicutt of Greenwood, 22:47.1

Age 45-49 Male: Jody Bonds of Huntington, 23:32.6

Age 50-54 Male: Todd Pippin of Greenwood, 27:28.4

Age 55-59 Male: David Weisenfels of Fort Smith, 23:41.9

Age 60-64 Male: John Furness of Greenwood, 32:41.5

Age 65-69 Male: Gary Gunter of Arkoma, 33:21.2

Age 85-89 Male: Oakie Demoss of Fort Smith, 42:57.0

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