The Greenwood student council will deliver a check for nearly $1,000 to the Alma student council as a donation to the Buswell family prior to today’s game.

On Aug. 29, Alma high school math teacher Crystal Buswell was killed in a car accident. The Buswells, however, live in Greenwood. So almost immediately, the student body began collecting money, Greenwood principal Jerry Efurd said.

Greenwood has beaten Alma eight straight times and the school has enjoyed a recent run of success, with the football team, volleyball team and girls basketball team winning recent state championships.

"We’ve been successful in a lot of areas, and I’m proud of that, but on the other hand we want to maintain relations with people we compete against," Efurd said. "We started collecting money at lunch and at ballgames. We also passed the hat around among teachers."

Even though Alma and Greenwood have had some heated athletic battles over the years, both Efurd and longtime Alma principal Jerry Valentine are proud the way the student councils came together.

"What a great gesture by the school, to come together, to help the family of one of our teachers," Valentine said. "To have a school outside of where the teacher actually taught, that happens to be at a rival school, is a great gesture by their students."

Alma track standout Rachel Ray, who had Buswell as a math teacher last year as a sophomore, is proud of Greenwood for reaching out.

"Being rivals, you wouldn’t think that they would do something like that," she said. "But it’s awesome — even though we’re looked at as enemies."

Kevin Taylor is a Times Record sports writer. Email: Twitter: @Kevin_TimesRec