Tuesday and Saturday – 1:30p.m. – What’s for Lunch? –We have 8,000 gallons of aquariums, filled with many of the fish species found in Lake Dardanelle. Join park staff in the visitor center as they feed the fish live food. See for yourself, what’s for lunch?

Saturday – 1:45p.m. – Critter Crunch – Lake Dardanelle’s diverse habitats provide homes for many creatures large and small. Join a park interpreter in the kid’s corner of the visitor center as she tells you about some of the smaller creatures. She will also be feeding these creatures; so come discover the small native wonders we have around us.

Lake Cruise –Explore the wonders of Lake Dardanelle and the Arkansas River aboard the state park tour boat. Enjoy abundant wildlife, amazing history, and astounding views of the river valley throughout this 1 hour cruise. There is no fee for the tour, but space is limited. You must register for the tour. Call 479-967-5516 to register for a seat. We will begin boarding 15 minutes before the tour, at the boat dock near the south boat ramp. (Weather permitting)

Friday, July 3rd

10:30a.m. – Our Chilly Friends – Lake Dardanelle State Park is home to many wonderful and unique critters that are different than our furry friends. Join a park interpreter in the Lakeview Room to discover why some of the animals found in our forest and lake are called cold blooded and how they survive the changes of the season.

3:30p.m. – Lake Cruise

5:30p.m. – Wildflower Bingo – Meet the park interpreter at the amphitheater for some old fashioned Bingo, with a twist. By the end of each round, you will surely have learned a new wildflower found here in Arkansas. Bring the entire family, young and old, to enjoy this relaxing game for all ages.

Saturday, July 4th

9a.m. – Call of the Wild – Some animal calls are very familiar while others are rather vague and when they’re all mixed together, it can be difficult to pick them out. Meet a park interpreter at the amphitheater to learn the difference between many of the animal calls you hear in Arkansas.

11a.m. – Beaver’s: Nature’s Engineers - Lake Dardanelle offers diverse habitat that allow many different and unique animals to live here, including the beaver. Everyone is familiar with the phrase, "busy as a beaver", but how did they get the reputation of being such hard workers? Meet a park interpreter at the amphitheater to learn more about these water-loving mammals.

11:30a.m. – Who goes there? – There are many creatures that call Lake Dardanelle home. Join a park interpreter on the Dardanelle side of the park near the playground to discover who they are and what clues they leave behind as they move about. After looking through the clues we will head down the trail and see if we discover any new clues and find out, who goes there?

2p.m. – The Trail Where They Cried –We will learn about the Trail of Tears and explore the role of Lake Dardanelle State Park and its surrounding area in this dark era of American history, the Trail of Tears. Native Americans, removed from their homes, made decisions here that changed their lives. Join a park interpreter in the visitor center Orientation Room to learn some of the history that happened in this place.

4p.m. – Bird Observation – Have you ever wondered what bird you just saw flying through the forest, or what bird is sitting on your bird feeder at home? Join a park interpreter on the Dardanelle side of the park near the playground as we discover some easy steps to begin identifying our flying friends.

6:30p.m. – History Rocks – Stone tools have been used by civilizations throughout history. The tribes that called this area home were no different. Join a park interpreter at the amphitheater and learn about how history rocks!