As many people may know, the Hartford Hustlers haven’t had the best luck with football during the past few seasons, with a win record of 0 for the past 5 seasons, the Hustlers went to play Haileyville on September 20, knowing that for once, the deck wasn’t stacked against them as it had been in past games, and past seasons.

Haileyville Oklahoma is a little town, 16 miles out of Wilburton Okla., with a high school population of roughly 140, meaning that this would finally be a team who the Hustlers could size up to.

The spirits where high, and the confidence was evident on the faces of all of the players and coaches, almost as if they knew that the win was predetermined to be theirs.

The first quarter was full of good defense, and endlessly denying the Warriors chances to score. The first quarter came to an end with a score of 0-0. Despite the score, the fans could tell, that this game was going to be one to remember.

The second quarter was the first chance that the Hustlers had to score, and they took advantage of that chance. With the newly improved line, doing what they do best, and Sophomore Tony Newton holding his own against the Warriors’ #79 which was an impressive feat with Tony standing at 5’10, and the Warriors lineman standing at well over 6’4, the Hustlers would score both the touchdown, ran in by Brennen Clouatre, and the 2 point conversion, ran in as well, by Adam Meyer, ending the first half with a score of Hustlers 8, Warriors 0.

The third quarter was the first chance for the Warriors to get on the scoreboard. With 3:26 left in the 3rd, the Warriors managed to break past the Hustler defense, resulting in their first touchdown of the game. The Hustlers did not score again in the third quarter, but did manage to gain yardage, thanks to a horse collar by the Warrior defense, resulting in the Hustlers getting a gain of 15 yards.

The final quarter, was really when the Hustlers began to show us all exactly what they where made of. Within the first few plays of the game, Junior Quarterback Tomi Collins fired off a pass to Sophomore Receiver Jordan Humphrey, resulting in a completed 25 yard pass, as well as a 15 yard gain. However, the Hustler Receiver would eventually be stopped at the 4 yard line, for a Hustler 1st down, which would later result in a touchdown ran in by Brennen Clouatre, followed by the 2 point conversion, completed by Tomi Collins.

With roughly 4 minutes remaining in the 4th, Defensive Corner Jordan Humphrey fell victim to a very obvious display of terrible sportsmanship, that would go unnoticed, and uncalled by the officials, resulting in him being sidelined for an injury for the remainder of the game.

The Warriors only managed to take the lead once during the entire game, and that was short lived, lasting only for roughly 4 minutes.

With 32.6 left in the 4th quarter, the emotions where running high for the Hustlers, thankfully, for the Hustlers, running back Brennen Clouatre would be able to break through the Warrior defense, followed by the successful 2-point conversion completed by Adam Meyer. Bringing the game to a close, with a final score of 24-19 HUSTLERS FOR THE WIN.

1st: 0-0

2nd: 8-0

3rd: 8-6

4th: 24-19