How many years have you played football?

"Nine years."

What is your current position?

"Running back/linebacker."

What positions have you played in the past?

"Defensive End, Wide Receiver (out of high school)."

What other sports/activities are you involved in?

"No other sports. I’m dedicated to football. I’m also in Partners Club."

What is your favorite subject in school?


What are your plans after high school?

"I’m hoping a college will open up that fits my personality."

How do you celebrate a win?

"A win always feels great, yet Coach Jones wants us to focus on the next game as soon as we leave the field."

How has a coach/player affected your life on or off the field? Who was it?

"The coach who has affected me the most is obviously Coach Jones. He not only teaches us how to play football, but how to be a real man. He teaches us respect and life lessons."