The Greenwood Bulldogs entered Airedale stadium last Friday night on a 39-game winning streak. They have beaten Alma in their last eight meetings. After Greenwood’s kick-off, the Airedales proceeded to march down the field with the power running of Burris. The Bulldogs finally stopped them, but committed an off sides penalty on fourth down. Alma capitalized by throwing a 39-yard TD pass to a wide-open Burris.

Greenwood’s excellent special teams play kept them with great starting field position, but a combination of penalties, an inability to run block and several off-target passes by surprise starter Jabe Burgess brought the first quarter to a close with Alma leading 7-0. It was beginning to look like the winning streak might be in jeopardy for the Bulldogs.

The second quarter began with a complete change in play. Alma began to make mistakes, starting with a pass interference penalty that led to a 20-yard touchdown pass from Burgess to Grant Morgan to tie the game. The Airedales attempted a trick kick return that failed to fool the Bulldog Special Teams unit. Alma’s drive started on the 10-yard line. Four plays later, Greenwood got its first interception leading to another 20-yard TD pass by Burgess. The Bulldog’s kicker showed off his leg strength by sending the following kick-off through the Alma goal posts and out of the stadium.

The Airedales went three-and-out, then committed an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Greenwood’s ensuing drive, setting up Burgess’ third TD pass of the game. With 3:42 left in the first half, the Bulldogs were up 21-7.

Alma used all three of their time-outs, but Greenwood’s bend-not break defense kept them out of the end zone. The first half ended with the Bulldogs up by 14.

The third quarter continued the pattern of penalties by both teams. The Bulldogs were still struggling in the run game, but adjustments on defense completely shut down the Airedale offense. Greenwood finally found their running game and scored on a quarterback play action keeper but missed the extra point, bringing the score to 27-7.

Alma’s very next pass was intercepted and the Bulldogs ran the ball very effectively, culminating in another TD, increasing their lead to 27.

The next few drives were hampered by penalties, mostly on the Bulldogs and an injury to Austin Garnes. Garnes had his elbow dislocated when he was drag tackled during a run. While Garnes was being tended to, the Bulldogs marched down the field with their newly effective running game and scored their third touchdown of the second half. They went for 2 on the conversion to force the AAA Mercy Rule, but the pass was incomplete. The third quarter ended with the Bulldogs on top 40-7.

Cameron Palmer ran the ball exceptionally well in the fourth, scoring the Bulldog’s final touchdown of the night. With Greenwood up by 40, the Mercy Rule was finally invoked and the game ended 47-7.