Best friends, Haleigh Henson and Lundon Williams, have each signed commitments to play basketball under full scholarships. There is a small catch. Now they will be rivals. Henson signed with Henderson State University and Williams signed with Harding University. The girls will now play against each other each year. Despite the upcoming rivalry, the two are determined to bring the State Championship back to Greenwood this year.

Henson moved to Greenwood from Alma at the beginning of her junior year. Her parents felt Greenwood would provide a better opportunity for their daughter to excel. From the first grade until becoming an Airdalette, she played basketball for her father. Henson has spent the last two summers playing for Coach Ragon Clemons and the Arkansas Bulldogs. That team was the National Championship runner-up. In order to focus on her dream of playing college ball, Henson dropped cheer, volleyball and track.

Williams grew up with a basketball coach for a father. She has literally spent her entire life on a basketball court. By the time she was old enough to dribble, she would entertain the audience at halftime by shooting and dribbling for the crowd. At the age of five, she played in a league at Goldtrap Boys Club. She spent four years in the male dominated Boys Club league. At that young age, she managed to score 34 points in one game. Williams joined the Immaculate Conception basketball team in the fourth grade, but moved to Greenwood a year later when her dad joined Greenwood’s vaunted coaching staff. She has played on several traveling teams including the National Champion MAYB team with Kendall Meyers and the National Championship runner-up team with Coach Ragon Clemons. Williams is a three-year starter for the Lady Bulldogs and has been selected All-State each year as well as the State Championship MVP in 2012.