Greenwood at Alma

"We are expecting a huge turnout for our first home game this Friday," said coach Doug Loughridge. " Not only is it a chance for our fans to see us open up at home, but its also a chance to see us against one of our bigger rivals."

Last week at Blakemore Field, Evan Burris had his first start and was 15 of 18 for 200 yards, three touchdowns. He also had 21 totes for 90 yards and one more touchdown.

Loughridge said Greenwood’s offense is very efficient.

"Greenwood doesn’t make very many mistakes and have not missed a beat even without their starting Division I quarterback," Loughridge said. ‘The offensive line is one of the best we will see all year. Greenwood has a great running back and it does a great job on the perimeter with their receivers in the quick passing game and screens. Greenwood is a fast, no-huddle team and it tries to beat you with the tempo."

The Bulldogs mounted a 49-0 lead before Sallisaw posted its first score of the game in Greenwoods 49-3 win.

Greenwood had 31 carries for 276 yards with a stable of backs contributing to the offense. Austin Garnes led with 84 yards on seven carries one touchdown.

The Bulldogs were without starting quarterback Jabe Burgess, who has committed to the University of Tulsa and was sidelined with an injury, but back up Reid Wheeler came in connected for 16 of 21 passes for 164 yards and four scores.

"Defensively, they are very sound," said Loughridge. "Greenwood does not have to blitz a lot because it is good enough to play the base and not give up the big play. Greenwood runs to the football well and always creates turnovers and giving the ball back to the offense."

The Bulldogs held Sallisaw to 112 yards of offense.

"Our kids will be ready to play," Loughridge said. "It will be an emotional game for us and a chance to see how far we have grown as a team."