Taking property by force is evil whether done by law (slavery and now the income tax), or with a weapon. Slavery and income tax have characteristics in common: both benefit the powerful, both rely on force and fear for continuation of the system, both claim to be necessary for economic survival of government. Many FairTaxHR25 advocates focus solely on the spectacular economic growth that would occur with passage of FairTaxHR25 as the primary justification of ending the current tax structure. Such focusing allows the evil of the income tax ignored as advocates and opponents do battle. Numbers and studies can be twisted; not so with moral truth. The moral truth embodied within the income tax structure is this: men are not free who are forced to surrender their treasure either by law or through threat of violence. Worse than the theft of treasure is the silencing of the citizen who finds himself or his business targeted because of personal opposition to those in power. With new regulations, the IRS intends to silence 501(c)(4) not-for-profit organizations who oppose government.

FairTaxHR25 ends the IRS and income tax. Learn more www.fairtax.org Tell your congressman to support HR25 and end the evil.

Beverly Martin

Fulton, Mo.