I grew up with a pretty severe case of Attention Deficit Disorder, which I will admit sounds like a made up ailment for kids who just don’t listen. However I must say it has had a profound effect on my life. Before I was diagnosed I could not stand school. Every day was torture, teachers gave me a hard time, my fellow students followed suit and my parents didn’t understand what was going on. Once I was diagnosed things started getting better. I was prescribed Ritalin, which is more or less speed for kids, but in the individual with ADD it has a focusing effect. I did better once medicated but I did suffer from one side effect, insomnia. I can remember being in the second grade and staying up to watch Johnny Carson and then David Letterman until 12:30 but I still couldn’t sleep. So then I moved on to old TV shows such as The Jack Benny Show, The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show and the Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. I would eventually pass out around two but wake up in time to watch I Love Lucy before heading to school. I can recall a slight obsession with the Three Stooges and the Marx Brothers. School mate Dee Graves, who had a much better cable package than I did, would record the Stooges for me on a VHS tape to feed my addiction.

In high school and college when everyone was discovering Monty Python I was already familiar and knew all of the quotes.

All this has worked to warp my sense of humour a bit. When I get writer’s block I turn to Mad Magazine or the Onion, "America’s Finest News Source", to jump start my creativity. I listen to a lot of podcasts now days. I enjoy Marc Maron’s podcast as well as Doug Benson and Nerdist but my favorite has to be Comedy Bang Bang. Scott Aukerman hosts Comedy Bang Bang an unscripted improv show loosely based around characters that are, for the most part, made up on the spot. The show has a tendency to go off the rails and lose focus when it is at its best. Aukerman and frequent guests Paul F. Tompkins and Jason Mantzoukas share the catchphrase "Heynong Man", which was born out of Aukerman’s trouble enunciating, which happens frequently.

I have long since stopped taking my meds and have learned to cope with my ADD in more creative ways. I still enjoy some late night shows but now I catch them on Hulu as I no longer suffer from Ritalin induced insomnia.