I would like to tell you about what happened to me. On February 3, 2014, I received a call from Publisher’s Clearing House. They told me that I won $1,000,000 and a new car. I was so excited, thinking about all the things I could do. For about twenty years, I’ve been sending at least two contest things every month and I really thought I won. WRONG. It was a scam. The man told me the van with five people in it was in Paris, Ark. and that if I talked to the accountant they would tell the van people to be here (about 1/2 hour.)

Well, the accountant told me to go to Walgreens and buy a Green Dot Pak Card. I was told to put $540 on it. I told him I wasn’t going to give him any money. He told me as long as I had the cards, the money was still in my hand so I went to the Bank. I told the teller that I thought I was being scammed. She agreeed with that as long as I had the cards [it was my money]. There were two cards that I bought, one for $540 and one for $750.

They told me to scratch off the back and give them the numbers to them and when the "van" with my "money" and "car" get there I was to give them the numbers and they would give the accountant the numbers and that would prove I was the person to give the money and car to. I did and before I got to my bank seven minutes later, my bank told me I had $68 in my account. I used my debit card for $750 and cash for $540.

I didn’t know that those numbers onthe back of gift cards were a way to get money from them. I think on the back of all gift cards, [it] should state that anyone can get your money.

Of course, it wasn’t Publisher’s Clearing House.

Scammed in Greenwood

Editor’s Note: Last week, Senator Bruce Holland issued a notification about this problem. He wrote, "Another reminder about scams, especially over the phone or internet. We have received several calls last week of constituents being contacted saying they are publisher clearing house or just some contest winner and the person has won a large sum of money. However, the say that there is a processing fee or they need your bank account number and social to wire money to your account and in one instance it was they needed $500 for processing and would meet the person at a local store. These are scams. If you truly won something, there will not be a processing fee and you would not receive a call in this manner. Be very careful giving out personal information."