Out for my weekend walk, something caught my eye. A medium sized older dog, weak and exhausted down a rocky embankment and in the water. He needed help. No phone and over a mile from my car, I needed help. God never ceases to amaze me when I ask for help, he sent me the best. Across the street at Flash Market, Deputy Sheriff Matthew Walter made a phone call. Two minutes later police officer Josh Sallee was there, and Joseph Fowler came quickly from Animal Control. Dr. Singer was notified. But what impressed me most was their willingness to help the compassion and caring they showed to an old lady and a four legged friend. Don’t get me started on animal abuse. Just a special thanks to these four. Thanks to all our hometown animal workers and officers. Hey, if you see these guys out and about town, say hello and thank them for their service. They are the good guys.

Lady on the Walking Trail