The government has "shut down." Congress has used the Affordable Care Act as its line in the sand. It is about time that something has forced the people we have trusted with the future of our government to do something about our exponentially increasing debt.

The Affordable Care Act or "Obamacare", as it has come to be called, may be an excellent program that can help tons of people, but if you look at the financial state of our great country, it doesn’t appear to be a smart addition to our society at this time.

If a family of four were living on a fixed income, making enough money to pay all of their bills and still take a vacation, we would call them successful. If that same family suddenly bought a new plasma TV for every room, three new Cadillac Escalades and started eating at restaurants for every meal with the extra income to justify the cost, we would call them stupid. We would council them against their actions. If they were family or close friends, we might even hold an intervention or threaten to withhold our future support if they continued on their course of financial destruction.

We are 17 TRILLION dollar in debt. SEVENTEEN TRILLION. That is $17,000,000,000,000. I would like to think that if I even came close to a million dollars in debt, someone would lock me up and take away my checkbook. What would you do if your husband or wife wrote a million dollars in checks and the bank covered them and then demanded you start making payments on them? Most of us would be talking to a lawyer and paying for a motel or hotel room.

Why are we tolerating a government that thinks it is OK to keep spending money we don’t have? It is high time we start demanding the same level of financial scrutiny in our government that we do at home. If my family is short on money this month, we cut back on expenses. We don’t go the movies or out to eat. We may not buy a gallon of ice cream or a new outfit or new shoes. We even start analyzing "needs." Does the car need new tires this month or can I wait a little while? Maybe I should hold off on renewing my gym membership another month.

The one thing we almost never hold back on however, is the needs of our children. If they need something or even want something that could be beneficial, we find a way to make it happen. Their health, education and happiness are the most important things in the world to us and we hope that most people share that belief.

So, Obamacare might be a good thing, but can we afford it? Many of our Congressmen don’t believe we can and they are demanding a discussion about finances before they finish making a new budget. Some are even suggesting pushing this "need" back until we can afford it. President Obama has refused to discuss the options, stating, "You don’t get to demand some ransom in exchange for keeping the government running."

Since when? We give ultimatums all the time. An ultimatum is simple and straightforward. It is one group telling another that their actions are unacceptable and if they continue, something will happen. "Honey, if you buy that new Playstation 4, you are sleeping on the couch" is an ultimatum.

A refusal to find a compromise is childish and unrealistic. If our government leaders decide to act like adults and deal with the standoff over the budget, each side should end up giving up something they want in order to reach an agreement. Maybe we should send our government leaders to marriage counseling.