When I write about the Methodist Church it is people both past and present. I write about things I know or think I know. I do know that every church in town does many wonderful things. Every member is special. All the churches in town and surrounding communities work together for the good of all people in the community. The churches in the community are fantastic when it comes to helping people in need. In sickness or loss the people are there to help.

One of the funniest stories I have ever heard about churches in the feud between the women of the Methodist Church and the women of the Baptist Church. I do not know what year this happened but it was still being told when I was a little girl. I am also not too sure it really happened although the story I heard was told for the truth. I asked the late Johnnie Bell, who attended the Baptist Church, about it. As I did not get an answer I still don’t know.

It seems as if the big money maker for the women of the two churches was the dinner they served when court was in session. One year the meal was prepared by the Baptist women and the next year by the Methodist women. One year there was a dispute between the two groups as to whose turn it was to have the dinner. Each year a large tent was put up at the front door of the Court House which was located in the middle of the town square, it was in the tent that the women served the finest of food. In fact there was a tossup between the two groups of women which group had the best food. The feud started when the Deacons of the Baptist Church put up the Baptist tent. As the Methodist women thought for sure it was their turn to fix the dinner the tent being up was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. I am sure the road was hot as the Methodist women tried to find the Stewards of the church. That night the Stewards sneaked around to see if there was enough room for the Methodist tent. Sure enough there was as the Deacons had put their tent slightly to the side of the front door leaving room for the Stewards to put the Methodist tent right in front of the door. When they arrived to put the tent in place they saw a light in the Baptist tent and heard talking. Their thought was the Deacons were guarding their tent. One of the Stewards sneaked close enough to look into the tent. What did he see but a group of locals using the tent for their poker game. My understanding is that the Stewards sort of blackmailed the poker players into helping them put up the Methodist tent.

The next morning both groups of women arrived with all the many good things to eat. At noon time the Methodist women opened the door of the tent wide right in front of the door of the Court House. The women lined up in front of the door. The men were afraid not to go into the Methodist tent because of all the glaring eyes. They couldn’t go out the back door as there was a group of the Methodist sitting there glaring at those who tried to go out that door. When I think about this I have to laugh as I can almost see this scene. I have often wondered why the two groups didn’t just combine their food and divide the spoils. I am also wondering why I never asked a Methodist woman if the story was true. Just think though if the two groups had worked together there would not have been a funny story to tell throughout the years.