Good day and God bless the good citizens of Greenwood. Give yourselves an “At a Boy” for showing this city how much you love and care for it. The local civic group “Focus on Greenwood” had a pancake breakfast last Saturday, which was a success. They tell me that people were eating pancakes all the way up to quitting time for the event, 10:00 in the morning. I also received word last Saturday that the kind citizens of Greenwood showed their sincere concern for Caleb and his Diabetic Awareness Dog. The family was able to raise enough funds to completely pay the $25,000 cost of the specially trained dog. I am humbled to be the Mayor of such a sincere and caring city. Last September 11th a young woman by the name of AnaLeigh Ulrich came into City Hall with loads of doughnuts she had purchased for the Police Department. It seems she has been doing this since the tragic events of 9/11/2001. She wants to continue to honor those who lost their lives that tragic day and celebrate those who have chosen the honorable profession of protecting others as a career. I would like the citizens of Greenwood to thank AnaLeigh for her unselfish service to others. If you see her around town, tell her thank you for her kindness. As I promised the people, I investigated the Altes Sanitation contract and determined the following; Altes Sanitation turned over the time records of the employee they have stationed at their Greenwood office as requested by my office. I reviewed those documents and have determined without a doubt that indeed Altes is staffing the Greenwood office. On top of those documents, the business owner next to Altes Sanitation’s office in Greenwood provided my office with a signed affidavit stating they witnessed the Altes worker showing up for work each and every day. As far as I am concerned, Altes Sanitation was the lowest qualified bidder thus was awarded the contract and is following the terms of said contract. Lance Terry, Tim Terry or A.C. Brown can most certainly question the validity of this contract again, if they see fit. I want to say, “Thank You” to Farmers Bank for recognizing the dedication and hard work the city has done to obtain the high honors bestowed on this city a couple of weeks ago by the government watchdog group,” Governmental High Performance”. Farmers Bank’s letter was sent to my attention and stated the following; “Good Job!! We were delighted to read about you, and we send our sincere congratulations and good wishes.” A copy of the article was included. I would like to add that we would not have been chosen for this honor if it wasn’t for the hard work and dedication of our devoted city clerk , department heads and their employees. Myself, Sharla Derry, Ann Eglinsdoerfer and Craig Hamilton attended a budget school a couple of weeks ago in Little Rock and learned a lot about budgeting for the city’s future. We learned how to prepare your city for needed infrastructure repairs funding along with many other issues. It is a positive thing to learn something that will make a more productive employee to the benefit of the city. After coming from the Finance Department to the office of City Clerk, Sharla has contributed her tremendous working knowledge concerning Ordinances, how the money flows in and is disbursed throughout the various departments, not to mention the financial history she knows about this city. She is a benefit to each and every department. My new Administrative Assistant, Brooke Holland came with a bonus, not only is she a great Administrative Assistant, she possesses a four year degree in Human Resources. Her degree has been very useful as we complete the revamping of the Personnel Policy handbook for the city. We have many, many more quality department heads and employees in this city. We are very lucky to have them all.

I want to encourage every Greenwood citizen to come by my office at 8:00 each weekday morning to pray for our city and our city employees. I welcome you all.