To all my friends, family, customers, Velocity members, and especially fans of Rick that have been some way touched by him over the years, we need your votes!

Rick won the regionals with 88,000 plus votes, now they are down to 8 national finalists. The competition had huge voter turnout, one region had over 660,000 votes for two of their coaches. Soooo it will take all of us voting non-stop to make the kind of numbers he needs to win. I plan on voting 500 times a day, but I do it on my desk top and can vote fairly quickly. I can vote 4 times on my desktop for every one time on my ipad or phone. Here is a way you can show your appreciation to Coach Jones by making a commitment to voting every day, maybe while watching tv, eating lunch, or waiting for an appointment. The will do voting blitzes every evening. We can do this, but it will take everyone that knows Rick to do their part and vote.

Thanks! Mona Jones

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