We have roaming packs of dogs in the Washburn area. So far they have killed small animals, torn apart a rabbit hutch, killed cats, and surrounded a toddler in the grandmother’s yard before she was able to run out and pick him up. Then the dogs were jumping on her as she tried to get to the house.

Usually the packs are from 3 to 8 dogs. Some are family pets left at home alone when the owners and children are off to work and school. One dog goes to visit a neighbor’s dog and then those two start running and pick up more dogs as they go. Already some home owners have taken to shooting at the dogs. Some of these dogs are very expensive varieties and run from very large to tiny in size. Most are very sweet and lovable—until they get into a pack.

I am writing this letter because I don’t want to see your dogs shot. The responsibility and liability for these dogs lies with the owners so I hope there will be a lot of yards fenced quickly in this area before these dogs are all shot or before they attack a child.

Noreen Eccleston

Greenwood, Ark.