It has come to my attention that some think I am not doing my job. It seems that the former leaders have stated they collected millions in grants for the city of Greenwood while being paid $28,000 in travel expenses for going back and forth to Little Rock. Hey, if there is a better way to represent Greenwood and secure grants I am all for it. I decided to verify the claims. I printed off the profit and loss Statement for January 01, 2007 to December 31, 2010. I could not find "Millions" of dollars in grants by any one person, not even close. I did find grants filed by truly caring citizens that were approved. I found millions of dollars of City Sales and Use tax money spent for city improvements. I also found several loans for over 2.4 million dollars that the citizens are now paying back, with interest. That most certainly is not grant money. The travel expenses of elected officials do not match the time frame of the grants we did get. They do, however, match the time frame of elected officials theft trial and also the trials to determine whether they were fit to run for public office again.

After checking with those at city hall I was able to determine when the former mayor came in to work and it wasn’t 12 hours a day, every day as he claimed. When he did come in, it was never before 9am and he was gone by 3pm. In fact there were weeks when he never showed up in the office at all. It is well known that after he lost his appeal in the Arkansas Supreme Court to run for re-election as mayor of Greenwood, sometime in mid-October of 2010, he never returned to the office again. After reviewing the facts, I think I will stick to the way we are running things. We are making headway without having to fabricate any stories in a depressed economy and saddled with millions of dollars in debt to re-pay.

Del Gabbard