This has been the year of no Spring my favorite time of the year. We had winter, then rain, rain and more rain and now we have summer. Although it is not yet officially summer the temperature has been near 90 degrees. Usually in the spring I enjoy sitting out on the patio to read the morning paper. This year it has been too cold, too wet, or too humid. I really didn’t mind the dark, rainy, days. I read a lot which is a good way to pass a a dark rainy day. In fact I got real lazy and don’t like to work on a day like that. I know this sounds weird but that is my excuse.

With the temperature being near 90 and the humidity being so high I wonder what we did before air conditioners?? I can’t remember suffering from the heat when I was growing up except the hot, hot summer I had the measles. All the other kids had them in the winter when we were in school. I don’t know where I got them in the summer but according to my siblings I have always been a bit strange.

Speaking of strange my house seems to be over run with spiders, especially in one bathroom. I guess it must be all the rain we have had. Where do they come from? I have all kinds from tiny to big. Oh, well! This too shall pass. I have heard other people say they have seen more of the pest than usual.

Son, Bob is staying with me at this time as he has started his chemo. Yes, that demon called Cancer has come to our family. It seems as if no family is exempt from cancer. As brother Jim said, "If we all put our problems out on a table and we were to pick one we most likely would choose our own!" I have just read Tom Brokaw’s new book, "A Lucky Life Interrupted" which is about his battle with Multiple Myeloma which is a treatable but not curable form of cancer. As I said no family is exempt. Bob and I have been having a good time talking about his years of growing up. So far he hasn’t made me feel like I was a "Bad Mother". Of course Bob and I grew up together as I was only seventeen when he was born. He had my undivided attention for six years before Connie was born. We have laughed and talked about his Daddy trying to be a farmer and not prepared. Things like his chickens going to town. All the many critters we had as they, Bob and Connie, were growing up.

I think it does a person a lot of good talking about the years past. Even the things that were not pleasant like Connie losing our last half dollar in the snow. If anyone had seen us down on hands and knees digging in the snow I’m sure they would have wondered what we were looking for. We still remind Connie of the "Lost Coin." She had started to the grocery store to get a loaf of bread when she dropped the money. Good old days when you could get a loaf of bread for 25 cents. As the old saying goes, "It does a body good to remember."