Happy New Years to all of the great citizens of Greenwood, we have a lot to talk about;

I met with the Legislative Audit Committee in Little Rock earlier this month. They called us in to discuss three issues.

The first issue was the city had historically been paying 100% of accumulated sick leave to officers who were no longer employed with the city. We have since learned this was only allowable upon retirement or death. Once we realized it was in conflict with state statute, we rectified the situation. In fact we corrected this issue a couple of years ago by repealing the City ordinance that allowed this payment to be made, problem solved with the Legislative Auditors stating it was no longer a concern. The second issue was that we did not have an offsite back-up for our electronic information. The 2014 budget was amended to cover the expense of having an offsite storage location, problem solved. The third issue was that we did not have a disaster recovery plan. Correcting this issue had already been in the works. We met last summer with our Information Technology provider, DCR, and discussed the steps that needed to be taken to ensure recovery of information during a disaster, which points back to the off-site storage of information, problem solved.

I am looking forward to the year 2014. We have great things in the works for the city during 2014. I am still hopeful that the council will work with the mayor’s office for the benefit of the people of Greenwood. We all need to remember that we were elected by the people and therefore no matter what we do, it must be in the best interest of the people.

We have applied for several grants in 2013 and will not find out if we have been approved for those grants until sometime in 2014. Things are looking good concerning the grants. These grants will be for major street repairs, sidewalks and other infrastructure improvements. We will let you know as soon as we here our status on the grants.

In February of 2014, Greenwood will be hosting the Arkansas Economic Development Commission meeting. After the meeting, the commissioners will be given a tour of our great city and we will show them all of the opportunities, facilities and buildings in town that would be great locations for a company’s economic and industrial expansion into Greenwood. Our hopes are to entice businesses looking for a place to call home to consider Greenwood as that place to locate their business.

The recent ice storm will cost Greenwood a little over $100,000.00 to clean up. We will do the cleanup with city equipment and city employees. The cleanup operation will go through March of 2014. Contractor’s submitted bids of $500,000.00 and more. This administration felt that was too big of an expense and could do it in-house for 20% of the contractor’s price. It will take us a bit longer to get the mess cleaned up, but it will be well worth the $400,000.00 savings in cost.

Please come by and join us as we pray for this great city. We meet every morning, Monday through Friday at 8:00 in the mayor’s office.