The other day I heard the song "Great is Thy Faithfulness" and while listening to those words I thought of the late Don Williams who was a pillar of the Greenwood Methodist Church. For sixty-one years he was there through wind, rain, heat, sleet, snow and everything in between. Every time the doors were open Don and his helpmate, Ann, were there. If the doors were locked Don just unlocked them. I think he held just about every position in the church except preacher and choir director. I am not too sure that he could have been Choir Director but I’ll bet he could have preached. For many years he taught Sunday School.

Don was not one to boast or brag about anything that he did. He just worked in his quiet way. If a group was sitting around trying to decide who was going to do a job chances were that Don had already done it.

I am sure that Don and Ann have set up enough tables to seat half of Greenwood and cooked or helped cook enough meals to feed them. If I had to fix a meal for something going on in the church I would have had to call on Don and Ann to take charge as chances are I wouldn’t have known how some of the things in the kitchen operated.

Don was so depended upon to drive the church van if a group needed to go somewhere. Who for years made the coffee for the before Sunday School gathering, and made sure there were donuts to enjoy? If you guessed Don I am sure you are right.

For many years Don was a Boy Scout Leader. I would have been proud to have had a son in Scouts under the leadership of Don Williams. Not only did the Williams Family work in the church but opened their home for Sunday School Class parties, Women’s groups and I am sure Boy Scouts.

In the fall Don would pick up the pecans that fell from the trees on the church property. Not for himself but to share with the church members. He very carefully put them in plastic bags so that anyone who took a bag had the same amount as the others. He also started the Back Pack program at the church.

I love a good love story. I think that Don and Ann’s story is one of the sweetest I have ever heard. Sixty-one years ago on June 27th the young couple got married. The groom could not afford to give his bride a wedding gift so he gave her a box of Cracker Jacks. As there are twelve months in the year times sixty-one years that is 732 boxes of Cracker Jacks. That means 732 trinkets from the boxes that Ann keeps in a Cracker Jack Tin that she found.( I thought to myself why couldn’t Frank have given me a box of Cracker Jacks every Friday instead of adding water to my beans? ) Through the years the Williams children, grandchildren and now the GREATS have run their fingers through all the many trinkets.

Shortly before his death Don was honored by the church for his many years of selfless service to the Church he loved. No, Don was not a saint, he was a hard working family man who was a faithful member to his church.