Dear Editor:

The Trail of Lights, an idea hatched in the minds of the late Bobby Mizell and wife Martha , has become a Greenwood Christmas tradition. This year’s Trail of Lights at Bell Park opened on December 1 and will run nightly from 6-9 PM through December 31. Each year Focus on Greenwood members and community volunteers join forces to create the illuminated displays at Bell Park known as the Trail of Lights. It’s a real labor of love, requiring countless hours during the month of November to repair and erect displays and complete the electrical wiring and is a daily commitment during the month of December to man the booth at the entrance to the park and keep the displays up and running.

The executive committee and members of Focus on Greenwood would like to thank those community-spirited individuals and entities whose efforts have made the Trail of Lights possible this year, including the Greenwood A & P Commission, Doug Kinslow and the Greenwood Parks Department, Joe Maness and the Greenwood Street Department, Greenwood Police and Fire Departments, Greenwood Schools and teachers Roy Cox and Justin Newhart and their students, Daniel and Kerrie McDaniel, Dane Burgess, Trey Burgess, Sam Mooneyham, Danny Joe Webb, and Ken Frische. You may have seen Focus members working in the park this month. These workers included Dr. James Burgess, Otis and Sue Edwards, Dan Gladwin, Ed Weisenfels, Roy Mizell, Paul Goldsmith and Tom Willhite. Jerry Efurd, Martha Mizell, and Bob Beams are also among those who have committed their time and talents to the project. Since the Trails inception in 2008 many individuals and businesses have made contributions. Their names are posted on the Trail. When you see them in the community, please take a minute to thank them.

A donation of $3 per vehicle is requested. All monies received are dedicated to helping Greenwood families in need. A highlight of the annual event is the Park’s Department’s Living Nativity, taking place this year December 16-19. We look forward to seeing you at the 2013 Trail of Lights at Bell Park and we thank you for your support.


Joel Goldstein, President

Focus on Greenwood