Arkansans have left behind $178 million in unclaimed property, following deaths and circumstances like moves. The auditor’s office launched The Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt to address the issue. They have added a paperless, e-filing system. So far this year, the office has given out a record $30 million in claims, but about another $31 million in new property has shown up. You can go online to to see if there is something that you might have left unclaimed. This site allows Arkansans to search the database of owners of unclaimed property.

The Arkansas Board of Education met last week and assigned an accreditation status to each of the state’s schools and school districts. It put 30 schools on probation for violations of standards that include exceeding class size limits and using improperly certified teachers. The schools and district on probation remain accredited, they are in jeopardy of facing more serious state sanctions if they violate the accreditation standards in the coming year and are placed on probation for a second time. You can go to and find out information about your school, your district, assessment scores and information about the core curriculum and other issues that involve education in the state of Arkansas.

The legislative Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Overview Committee, PEER, met last week with a big part of the time spent on outreach workers that will be hired as a part of the Affordable Health Care Act. There was money appropriated for 100 additional outreach workers, or guides. These guides will take classes, be licensed and trained and paid $12 an hour to do outreach and education to let people know that they are eligible for health insurance. They will also help them sign up. There were many questions on the privacy of information and databases and where they are located and how they would be used.

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