Greetings dear citizens of Greenwood,

As I have told you before, the proposed plans for the new Police Department, (that we needed ten years ago), are terrific! The plans are for a new Police Department facility where the old post office building stands. This new facility will last the Police Department for the next twenty five years, or more. The passage of the proposed ¼% sales tax on December 10, 2013 will give Greenwood the opportunity to build the new Police Department that will be so vital to the continued growth of this great city. The passage of this tax will allow the city to get its police department into a suitable location that will benefit all of the city of Greenwood. As I stated before, I am 100% behind this tax to pay for the new police building. The tax will pay for the proposed bond that will be issued to fund the building of the new police department. We benefit from a lot of good things in this city, but the excellent protection of our people and personal property is one of our greatest assets. Remember the discussion we had about the Hummer the police department is driving around town? The chief of police got that vehicle for $280.00. Remember, all of the equipment, the paint job, decals, electronics, computers, and video games were all donated to the city. Chief Dawson really knows how to find the funds and donations when his department needs something. The school kids love it. That was Chief Dawson’s goal for this project. He wanted to attract the youth and let them know the police were their friend, someone they could trust and depend on, and it is working. Chief Dawson does a tremendous job when it comes to stretching the funds the council gives him in his budgets. I say that to show you Chief Dawson is very careful with your money. To date this administration has not borrowed any money to fund any project within the city; rather we have worked very hard over the last three years to reduce the debt load burdened on this city. The police department was not included in the tax that passed almost seven years ago to fund projects at the parks, street and fire departments. That 3/4% tax will run out in 2016. I know this is not the most opportune time to ask the citizens for an increase in the city sales taxes, but this new facility for the police department is badly needed, and available. I work with them daily and know how bad this proposed facility is needed. Whether we get a new police department or not is totally up to the citizens of this city. The people are the final say-so on the decision to increase our taxes. I ask you to consider your options closely. Do we secure and advance the facilities for our police department to meet the needs of the future, or do we leave the police department in a remodeled storage closet at city hall?

For years people have said that the old post office was the perfect place for the police department to be located. Well fine citizens of Greenwood, let’s get out and make those thoughts and comments come true and get out there to support the ¼% sales tax for a new police department, for our continued safety and quality of life. Please exercise your right to vote on December 10, 2013 – whatever that vote might be.

I thank you for your time and have a Merry Christmas!