I come from a military family, allowing me to travel all over this country and most of the world. I love research and history. One thing I have discovered to be universally true is that a culture is defined by its social accomplishments, businesses, religion and education.

If one were to research the history of a town, where would they start? There are several sources for information: City Hall, Chambers of Commerce, Churches, Historical Societies and State Archives. The biggest source for history, however, is a local newspaper. If you want to know what was important to Greenwood in 1943, look at the Greenwood Democrats for that year.

Most historians will start with the newspaper. They look for politics, school news, crimes and social events. But the main things that stand out are the ads. What were the most important businesses in 1943? History is recorded in print and in March of 1943, the Santa Fe Bus Depot, BF Goodrich, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Crown Coach, Southwestern Gas & Electric, Greenwood Shoe Shop, Carr’s Dime Store, Oliver’s Cafe, Clint’s Theatre and Camel Cigarettes were the biggest business names in Greenwood.

Most people are unaware that Arkansas collects various newspapers from all over the State for the State History Archives. The Times Record, Greenwood Democrat, Paris Express, Van Buren Press Argus and The Citizen (Mansfield), among others, are used to record our history. The Greenwood Democrat has been recording the history of South Sebastian County for 132 years.

Seventy years from now, a historian will look back at Greenwood’s history and determine that a new State abortion law, the rejection of a Federal gun law, a new fence around Memorial Park, an upcoming Kentucky Derby Day celebration and a call for applications to area GT Programs were the most important news of the day. It will also be recognized that the education of our children does not stop in the classroom and our athletes continue to excel even after graduation.

Farmers Bank, Shelter Insurance, Graham Optical, Golden Girls Mall, Historical Society, Baby Flix, Aftercare Extraordinaire, Wal-Mart, Walters Law Firm, JAM Mart, Bishop Family Dentistry, Curves, Keith Glass Motors, Greenwood Flower & Gifts, Rowe Chiropractic, Yeagers Hardware, Vache Grasse Country Club, Walgreens, Tech Computer Pros, Bancorp South, The WareHouse, Vintage Vase, Osborn Insurance, Reflections Hair Salon, Judi Daily, South Sebastian County Boys & Girls Club, Zebra III Signs & More, Arvest, Fantastic Sams, Greenwood Garage Door, Health Depot, Coldwell Banker, Jeanlee’s Tanning, CV’s Family Food, Pink Bud, McConnell Funeral Home, Greenwood Tire, Valley View Church and Greenwood First Baptist Church will be viewed as the most important organizations in Greenwood.

History is how it is written. If you want to be a part of the history of Greenwood or the rest of South Sebastian County, submit a story or picture. Ads are cheap. Newspapers are not in the business of getting rich, but of reporting the news and recording the history. An ad just helps pay for the cost of publication and an ad is what is remembered most for generations to come. Call us now at 996-4494 or email to info@greenwooddemocrat.com.