Last week was a devastating week of storms, our hearts go out to all affected by the storms.

State Treas. Martha Shoffner, a democrat, resigned office last week. She began serving as treasurer in 2007 and was re-elected in 2010.. The federal prosecutor accused her of taking cash payments from a broker who handled a large amount of state investment portfolios. The Governor can appoint someone to fill out her term and he said that he would appoint someone quickly and was leaning away from a politically oriented choice.

Arkansas highway officials are assessing the feasibility of making all or part of interstate 40 between North Little Rock and West Memphis a toll way to pay to widen the highway. They are surveying motorists on why they use the route and their willingness to pay a toll. The survey can be found on line at and will be available for two weeks for people who travel the highway.

The deadline for applying for Academic Challenge Scholarships is June 1st, and the applications are available online at the website of the state Higher Education Department. That address is High school graduates who intend to go to an Arkansas college or university are eligible if their grade point average is 2.5 on a scale of 4.0. Graduates must have completed the Smart Core curriculum, which is a modern and rigorous college preparatory set of courses. Also, their composite score on the ACT standardized test must be 19 or above,or else they must score at the proficient level on all end of course assessments mandated by the state Education Department. Qualifying freshmen who begin college in the fall will receive $2,000. To maintain their eligibility they must complete 27 hours their freshman year and 30 hours each subsequent year. They also have to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 in college. Sophomores who maintain their eligibility will get $3,000 if they attend a 4 year university, juniors will get $4,000 and as seniors they will get $5000. Funding for the Academic Challenge Scholarships comes mostly from the state lottery.

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