No American president dictates laws. He surrounds himself with knowledgeable professionals during the decision-making process and a final decision is made based on ideas, the American people, facts, figures, projections and results.

President Obama, and other past presidents, came in with the idea that everyone should be afforded the opportunity to be successful, without restrictions. Some may confuse that as socialism or radical, as if the work you do should be penalized so someone else can profit from it.

The most glaring example of trying to paint Obama as a socialist was the Affordable Care Act. Like all of his ideals, this was to allow the people to have control of their own health care. It was labeled radical and called "Obamacare" to give it a negative outlook because, as they know by now, once you attach "black" to anything it will be seen as negative by definition.

Trump's reversal of many of the Obama's policies is to the detriment of the people. Trump and big corporations want to control how our dollars are spent. Right now, the working class gets paid very little and pays more in taxes, while CEOs get a bonus check worth more than all of their employees' combined annual incomes.

I was pleased with a lot that Obama and his administration achieved in the face of adversity. Just remember where the jobs, stock market, GDP, etc. were when Obama was elected and when he left office. Now we have a soaring debt, deregulation, race/class class explosion of hate, automation and robotics, miseducation, misallocation of money, lies, deceit, corruption, destruction of norms, disrespect of our military, the working class, no class, no semblance of moral value, ethics or decorum.