What has happened in our nation when we have elected officials who support the killing of babies after birth? Isn't that called murder by the laws of our country? What has happened to our nation when a bill to prevent this murder is voted down by one political party? The Democrats under Pelosi's leadership did that three times. It makes you wonder how a political party can fall so far away from a common sense view regarding the sanctity of life.

Martin Luther King has been reported as saying, "Everything Hitler did in Germany was legal." Not only are Christians who vote for pro-choice candidates at fault, but those who remain silent and not speak up are equally so. We must pray that these laws be repealed. Also, we need to make our voice known to our elected officials and in the voting booth. How has America and the Church of Jesus Christ become so desensitized to the outright murder of the unborn? We must not remain passive. How can Christians give an account before God for our inability to stand up against these laws that promote murder?

No matter what political party you support, if you are a Christian your allegiance and obedience to God comes first. God said, "Thou shalt no kill." Whose side are you on?