Those two words have the power to ignite arguments everywhere in our country today.  Even Democrats will argue with Democrats while Republicans argue with other Republicans about the need for it or how tall it should be among other points.  Naturally some of the more explosive arguments are between Liberals and Conservatives regardless of their party affiliation.  Now it lies at the center of a potential showdown between Trump and the Congressional Democrats to see who’ll blink first on Friday, December 21.  This has the making of a very Uncivil War!  Where did this mess originate?

     If you review history you’ll find that our problems with our southern border have been around ever since the 1820’s after Mexico won its independence from Spain.  The Mexican army’s victory at the battle of The Alamo in 1835 fueled emotions in the U.S. to avenge the loss. Expansionists in the Whig party pushed to buy the disputed territories of Texas and California from Mexico similar to the Louisiana Purchase from France 32 years earlier.  When that attempt failed, President Polk sent our army into northern Mexico where, as expected, it was attacked by the Mexican army.  The resulting Mexican-American war from 1845 to 1848 ended in victory for the United States and established the southern border between Mexico and the U.S. while acquiring Texas and California.  As the U.S. grew and prospered, it attracted impoverished Mexicans from a poor country that was struggling to maintain itself.  That situation hasn’t changed over the last 170 years!

     During the past 50 or so years, the drug cartels in Mexico as well as in Central and South America have grown stronger aided and abetted by weak and corrupt governments in their home countries.  This, coupled with their continued economic stagnation and political turmoil, was part of the catalyst which triggered the growth of illegal immigration over our Southern border creating the dilemma we face today.  This brings us to ‘The Wall’.

     Regardless of your political views, one thing we should all agree on is that borders define countries, states, communities and ownership.  On ranches out west just as with suburban homes in the populated northeast, ownership and control of property is determined by surveyors who lay out borders and mark them with stakes.  Fences are then built when necessary which control everything from cattle grazing to where a homeowner can build a shed or let their dog run loose.  Wars between countries have been fought over property line disputes while neighbors in the suburbs have battled physically and in court over identical issues.  When we build our homes we put doors and windows on them with locks to control who has access to our property.  We even do the same thing with our bathrooms to control and maintain our privacy.  Many homeowners, particularly those who are wealthy, build walls with gates to insure security for themselves and their possessions.  Some live in gated communities for the same reason.  It’s all about control and security for protection.

     Our government is charged with maintaining the security and protection of its citizens.  To do so they initiate border controls as well as screen entry into our country on ships, air and roads.  Try entering Canada if you have a prior felony conviction or while carrying a gun and see how far you’ll get.  If you’re lucky, you’ll only spend a few hours or a night in jail!  The problem we have today is that the freedom, stability, prosperity and social programs that the United States has achieved are a magnet for those living in countries that haven’t managed to mirror our success.  Canada has done well.  Their economy is good and they enjoy a stable government.  They have lousy weather but, it’s not enough to motivate them to infiltrate our northern border.  They respect our borders like a good neighbor should while those South of us will risk crossing our border illegally to invade our property uninvited.

     So, how do you control it?  The problem has existed for many years through both Republican and Democrat administrations.  Building a wall is an investment as well as a security device.  No structure or approach will ever shut down illegal entry completely but, it will sharply reduce it and return control back to us, the citizens who built this country.  We’ll still have immigration but, it will be on our terms.  Legal immigration and assimilation are the keys to managed growth of the population, services and economy.  We can then return to one language, English, which will speed up assimilation.  The Wall has been forced upon us by those who refuse to honor our laws.

     The same Democrats who are willing to shut down our government today rather than build a wall sang a different tune just a few short years ago.  Back then, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer along with both Hillary and Bill Clinton and others sounded Exactly like Trump does today!  The only difference between Trump and previous administrations is that He Solves Problems!  The others just talked about them or used them as political ammunition whenever they thought it might be convenient or profitable for them to do so.  Instead of supporting Trump by helping him maintain our security, they act like petulant children committed to getting their way by throwing a hissy fit. They make a convincing argument for both Term Limits and THE WALL!

End of rant.  Have a blessed day.