“I will lift up my eyes unto the hills” and thus it was Monday when niece Barbara took her Mother, Jane, and me on a trip to see the colors of fall. It was truly a day the Lord had made. The colors could not have been more beautiful. As Mama would say, “I received a Spiritual Transfusion.” Barbara is a good driver, knows her way around and sister Jane makes a good bologna sandwich. Our trip took us to Paris, up the north side of Mt. Magazine, then to the Visitors Center. We made several stops along the way at the LOOKOUTS. The Master Painter had done a fantastic job. The colors were what we had hoped to see. I think we hit them at their peak. After a short stop at the Lodge we started back down the mountain but not before a stop at a lookout where we enjoyed our lunch. That bologna sandwich tasted mighty good. I love a picnic.

While we were at the Visitor Center we saw dozens of what I call Devil’s Walking Sticks. The insect with a long tooth pick body with lots of legs. I had not seen one in years. We even saw them on the walls of the lookout stops. Most of them were dead. “Very interesting.” After lunch it was back down the mountain to Paris. Going down the mountain one gets a different view of the many colors. There was so much yellow and gold with a little red mixed in…BEAUTIFUL! From Paris Barbara took highway 309 to Webb City, just outside of Ozark. It was all new country for me as I had never been on that road. Lots of pasture with cattle…a sight I love. From Ozark we went up the “Pig Trail” (Highway 23) to St. Paul then on to Fayetteville on Highway 16. While in Fayetteville we drove up to Mt. Sequoyah. The street leading up there and at the top was ablaze with maples at their peak. Could one have asked for anything more? The timing for the trip could not have been more perfect. The colors on the hills coming from Fayetteville were just beginning to turn. But, we did see some color. Bob and Connie had been to Fayetteville on Saturday and they told me they didn’t see any color which proves trees really change almost over night. This morning I looked across the street to see that the trees had changed color.

Back to our trip we finished the day with a stop in Alma at the Cracker Barrel for our evening meal. I had pinto beans, turnip greens and cornbread. All day I had wished we could find a roadside stand selling turnips and turnip greens. I am so hungry for a good mess of fresh turnips. The greens at the Cracker Barrel helped a “little”.

I thank Barbara and Jane for inviting me for such a beautiful and enjoyable day. I think my “SPIRIT” received several units of Spiritual Transfusions.