It is one thing for a lump of coal to become a diamond or a dinosaur to become a barrel of oil. It is one thing for a stream to become a river and form a gulley, a canyon, or a chasm. But it is something altogether different for Adam to leave a hairy, stupid, fore-browed, crown sloped cousin behind and go build a cathedral. The arts, reason, language, love, agape, are the work of a Creator or at the least, impartations from Him. These qualities can come forth from nothing save their owner who enjoys the will and power to gift them. Rationality has no kinship with dirt alongside fingernails, eyeballs, and appendixes. Kinds may begat better, stronger, smarter kinds, but not other kinds. There is no use to argue with Moses. Adam did not crawl out of a cave, or descend from a tree. He did however limp sorrowfully out of paradise with dimly lit memories. “Man is free to fall.” His life lapsed quickly in adaptation to the brute animals surrounding him. Some generations passed, sin enveloped the world, and God destroyed it, saving some remnants of life through Noah. When we think about God judging, we contemplate fairness and extenuating circumstances that only He knows. He is not bound by some universal law above Himself, for God is law‘s author and parent. His is good law, just law, fair law, merciful law, compelling law, restorative law, and retributive law. It is tooth for tooth and eye for eye, not tooth for eye and eye for tooth. To all He gives, from all He demands.

I count twenty three ancient civilizations (I claim no good authority for this, the number means little) such as Sumerian, Chinese, Egyptian, Mayan, Norse, and so on, finding every shore and continent. Pursuing after “something” is common to each. Founded on humanism, idolatry, or god-less-ness, Politics took the throne. It remained for Christianity to establish organized teaching and continuing education to the world at large in an expanding way. And it is in Judaism and Christianity alone, these two that we find a suitable answer to the human pursuit and it is a revelatory one. God is the revealer not the discovered. He is the hunter, not the hunted down. God’s story is not a theological formula but an all-encompassing picture from eternity to eternity. It is seamless like the robe of Jesus. It is many colored like the robe of Joseph. There is enough written and diffused, that having read, we can see, revealed as it is through the Spirit when augmented by faith. We may argue about “yom” and pre- (no story) history, but the vision of ‘I AM’ was and is enough, and His Words spoken as ‘Spirit and Life’ is conclusive and unique. Revelatory Christianity recognizes the dignity of the individual amidst the quarrels of the races; a problem common to all, but un-commonly solved, one-by one, heart by heart. Salvation becomes a rescue from men’s seeking for and defining god through morality; or defining god through manners, enlightenment, empire, and evolution; or defining god through nature, magic, humanism, and perfection; or defining god through contentment, serenity, peace, and shamelessness. Evil abounds, and we drown in sin. We cannot swim. Repentance is noble, noteworthy, and necessary, but alone by itself it remains humanistic. We must call out as with Peter in Matthew 14, “save me Lord, I perish,” and He will walk the billow, extend His hand, and reach down to pull us out of the stagnant, smelly, swill. This is the meaning of the expression of being saved from sin. But careful the desires of your heart, for being saved from sin is antithetical to remaining in it.