Has anyone heard a katydid or whippoorwill? I long to hear the sounds of a katydid. I don’t know how long it has been since I have heard one. I sit out on the patio at night hoping to hear one. It is only occasionally that I hear a night insect of any kind. I remember as I was growing up, in the summer, our family would sit out on the front porch at night until the house cooled off a little. About bedtime Mama would close up the house and spray for the mosquitoes. I don’t know why we had mosquitoes in the house because we had screens on the windows and doors. Even after her spraying I would almost be asleep when the buzzing would start around my face and ears. Either the spray didn’t do much good or they would have been much worse had she not sprayed. While we were sitting on the porch she would burn a rag so the smoke would keep them away. While we were sitting on the porch my, my how loud the night sounds were. Katydids plus all the other insects of the night.

When we lived in the house that blew away and slept with the windows up the katydids were almost as bad as the mocking bird in the tree outside our window. In the day time in summer one could hear locust. Today I never hear a locust. . What has happened to all the noise making insects?

After Frank died the kids wanted me to move to Fort Smith as they didn’t want me living behind the Court House by myself. When I looked at this house it was the two big trees in the backyard and the big oak tree in the front that caught my eye plus when I walked into the house it felt like home. I knew this was the place for me. The trees are beautiful. I know I complain a lot about sweet gum balls but I still love the trees. The trees are so tall with branches almost making a canopy over the patio. They provide shade in the back of the house from the hot summer sun. I can sit out on the patio and see the little green balls shining in the sunlight. I sorta laugh to myself and think oh, what a mess this fall. The oak tree out front is huge. I love an old oak tree. The tree is just beautiful on one side. The other side has been ruined by the tree service that trims tree limbs away from the highline wires. It wouldn’t be so bad if they just trimmed the limbs away from the wires but they butcher the trees. The sweet gum trees are so tall I worry a little when there is a strong wind as so many of their roots are near the top of the ground. A “hint” I am now taking orders for sweet gum balls come fall—absolutely FREE!

I wonder why with the building going on at Chaffee Crossing they are destroying so many big old trees. Could they not leave a few of the big trees surrounding a house? After they build a house the builders set out little trees. It will be years before the little trees will be big enough to shade a house. I am sure it is easier for the builders but wouldn’t it be worth it to save some of the big trees? There is not much habitat for anything anymore. No wonder I can’t hear a katydid. I do know sweet gum trees makes a good habitat for squirrels. In fact one has been trying to chew on my storage building. I sure wish I had by BB gun. On second thought I would hate to see on the evening news where an eighty nine year old Granny was arrested for shooting guns in the city limits. Although it would be more interesting than most of the news we see each evening. Any suggestions on how to stop the squirrel? As Mama used to say, ‘It’s a great life if you don’t weaken.” Maybe, just maybe I will hear a katydid before summer ends.