Some said Albert (that’s me), was lazy. That ain’t true. What ailed me was a lack of ambition, not sech a bad thing. But neither did I aspire to much and that ain’t sech a good thing. I know that was a besetting weakness but thanks to a forgivin’ Suella, and a kind and generous Rudy, I’m a heap better now. Understand now, I had to repent and prepare myself for a repentin’ way of life. You see, a feller can shake off a few sins here and there but the sticky ones clog the mind, mind the eye, enter the heart, and fill the mouth and well, right thar you’re gonna haft’a have some help. You kain’t cross that bridge by yerself. But, henceforth I’m gonna pay my debts and see after my own ‘cause that is right. I garuntee you that. Few people they wuz, that believed in my modest healin’ powers and water witchin’. I expect that in the next hunnert years or so, nobody will have the art no more. But that’s okay ‘cause with the new tacknologys there won’t be much of a need fer it. Just hope them confounded ‘pueters that keeps workin’ your fingers and thumbs so hard and keeps you hidden from the sun don’t prevent you from exercising your imagination. If it do, doctreens as old as the temple Pharisees will be after you for sure and might jest liable to get you. Fallen is the correct word for our human condition but selective salvation is allus a malignant doctreene and hubris is the ugliest of sins, no matter the generation from in which it arises. The mercy seat that is also righteous justice, the hilaskomai of the publican in Luke and for the whole world in John’s letter, will provide a remedy for the ills of the divine imaged. All men are valued the effort.

Don’t lawyer up to the scriptures on my account for I am a singer, not a scholar. Grace that befriends the heart gives me cause to believe the vital. All the ‘terpertations of the Pharisees, the Saducees, the Zealots, and the Essenes misinterpreted messiah and you know where that led to. Remember, when that temple Pharisee condemned all men, he condemned hisself right along with ‘em. By the by, the golden ring that Noble is so fond of and thinks it somas reaches back to the Orphan, well, it doesn’t. In fact, it ain’t more’n a generation old. Joseph come by it by way of a friend who traded for it from a white shoed, slick haired televangelist. Willie Earl and I, apart from Joseph a’course, is the only ones as knows that but it ain’t no harm to Nobel. Hee hee, Willie Earl don’t know that I knows it, and that’s a’cause I’m a little smarter than he credits me, hee hee hee. It’s a purty ring though, it is, and carries a nice signifying. One t’other thing. I ain’t no never wrong ‘terpreter ‘ah the Scriptures but I gotta say this about Joseph’s visit with Moody Jones and the bizzness with that little hand mirror he traysured. You know the one I’m talkin’ about. I think, and you kin look it up fer yerself, he had in mind a particular parsage in the second book of the Corinthians, the third chapter and the last ten varses of it. Now I ain’t fool enough but knows that whens som’as youse look it up, (thar’s a whole heap ‘a you what won’t mess with it) you’ll say there ain’t no karilation of a mirror to nothin’ sparitual. Some ah’ ye will look a’ter JC’s or sumbody t’others ‘terpertation of it, which may be right or wrong. I sommas’ gets off key but I knows what I believe about it. I expect you’ll come up with your own anser. Or none. Glory Glory. [Orphan Moon – rcox]