With all the good summer vegetables in season it opens my memory chest of special friends who lived on what is now Fresno Street from Main to North Coker and on Gary Street from Main to Coker. That was a special neighborhood I have written many times about the housewives who lived as neighbors for many years on those streets. Not only were they neighbors but true friends. Esma and Elmer Smoot and Maude and Bill Bryant lived on Fresno Street and their houses were back to back with Ida Wright and Kate and Roy Farley. Elmer Smoot worked in the coal mines, Bill Bryant ran the Pool Hall, Roy Farley was the “Light Man”. He worked for the Electric Company, the only one in town. Not only did he work for the electric company but did most of the wiring of houses in town as people began to get electricity. He also fixed electric irons and fans. Ida’s husband, Rufus was a coal miner. Maude, Esma, Ida and Kate were what I call really good friends and neighbors. If one had peas to shell or green beans to break or strawberries to cap, I can assure you they were all together doing the job. I think they had coffee together every morning. I don’t know how they planned where they would meet. I will assure you there would be laughter. You could hear them by the time you got to their front door. A lot of the times Dewey Hall and Carrie Frey would join them Dewey lived across the street from Ida and Kate, Carrie lived next door to Esma. At that time I knew everyone on both sides of the street on Fresno Street. There were the Freys, Smoots, Bryants, the Joyce Family, The Cavalenas, Gazzola and Caudle Families. All the neighbors are gone now except for one of the Cavalena’s daughters, Wanda, who lives in Fayetteville. I keep in touch with her by letter. She will be ninety-five this month. Wanda’s life has been wrapped around music. Until she had a fall she played the piano for everything at the Retirement Home. I think she tried to sneak down every evening to play before bedtime. I know how she misses getting to play now that she is in rehab. There are few housewives today. Most women work, be a wife and a Mother and don’t have time to be neighbors. Also, I think fences deter most people from being neighbors. I don’t even know the name of the people behind me or south of me. I just know the name of the people south of me. I just know the name of the family North of me. St. Scholastic is across the street from me. As I was growing up we always had neighbors. Good neighbors. The Leo and John Maestri families, The Charlie Bells, and the Harris Heartsills. Behind us the Halton Stewarts and Jim Owens Families. I am so thankful I grew up when people were neighbors. I still keep in touch with Barbara Heartsill. Vernon Stewart, Barbara Heartsill, Brother Jim, Sister Jane and I are the last remaining of the OLD NEIGHBORHOOD.