I love family reunions. At least once a year the children of my siblings get together at the Bolin Cabin on Beaver Lake. Of course sister Jane, Brother Jim and I go along (in case we should be needed.) The cousins have such a good time. We have suffered the loss of two of the cousins. The past two years Nephew Bruce and his wife Rosie has hosted a Christmas get together at their home in Rogers.

I have never really known any of my Bolin kinfolk as most of them went to California during the Great Depression. The late Pink Hendrix and I shared the same cousins although Pink and I were not kin. Pink’s Aunt Grace Hendrix married my Daddy’s brother, Jim Bolin. The late H.B. Stewart and I shared the same cousins because his Mother’s brother, Lem Joyce, married my Daddy’s Sister Josie Bolin. When Greenwood was small town USA the saying was you couldn’t talk about anyone because nearly everyone was kin in some way.

Recently I had the privilege of attending a Family Reunion on Mama’s side of the family. The John Wright family. Mama had four brothers and one sister. It had been fifty years plus since I had seen some of my cousins. My cousin Janet Wright Bigheart was the planner of the get together. What a great job she did. The reunion was held at the Oak Hills Church, in Edmond, Oklahoma, Janet’s home church. The Church was the perfect place to hold a reunion. Lots of places to sit and talk and eat…and eat we did. The gym was the perfect place for all the children both big and little. The teenagers played basket ball while the little ones ran wild without bothering anyone. There was so much food even homemade ice cream. Out of the over a hundred people I could only recognize one cousin when she walked in. If the others had appeared at my door I would not have known them Fifty plus years makes a big difference. I was the oldest one there. I can tell you it took not a village but a family to get me there. Several days, before the reunion, I twisted my knee. For several days the pain was so bad I could hardly walk. Niece Barbara had promised to take her Mother, Jane and I to the reunion along with her sister Debbie and cousin Carla. I had just about given up going because I knew with the pain I was having I just couldn’t ride that far. My heart was broken as I had been so excited about going. Then the family took over. Son, Bob, made me an appointment to get an injection in my knee. Carla, who had just had cataract surgery and couldn’t drive offered to let Barbara drive her SUV which was much, much better than a car for five people. So with the help of the injection, a good rub down on my knee with Blue Goo and a couple of Tylenol I was able to make the trip. I feel truly blessed that Jane’s family, nice Carla plus Bob saw to it that I got to go. It was a wonderful day. I think there were as many as five generations there. Why does so many people wait so long to get to know their kin? Janet Bigheart did an outstanding job. I told them I always called my Uncle Raymond Wright’s family my rich kinfolks because Uncle Raymond worked for that big Oil Company “Phillips” in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. That brought a lot of laughs. Most of the people there were part of Uncle Raymond’s family. I hope it won’t be fifty more years before I get to see them again. Even if it took the whole family to me there I’m so glad I got to go.