I’ve always like rocks. I pick them up from various places we visit. Both my boys like rocks. Maybe it’s a family trait. My Mama liked rocks. Just the other day I bought a rock. I gave 10 cents for it at a yard sale. Looks just like a little poodle dog…or maybe a cat.

I don’t keep my rocks in any kind of order. They’re not sorted. Just scattered about. I can’t tell you where each and every one came from, but you can look around and sense right off I like them.

Rocks intrigue me as pieces of God’s earth, representing strength and stability…all evidence of His power.

Last Sunday out pastor chose as his sermon the 16th chapter of Mathew, and as I read along with him, verse 18, in my Living Bible,…You are peter, a stone, and upon this rock I will build my church…

ROCKS! Foundation…Firm…Support…are some of the words that come to mind. I know every word used with rock is not good. For instance, a marriage can be “on the rocks,” and the expression “hitting rock bottom,” but I can think of more words and sayings with a positive note that goes with the word rock. “Solid as a rock!” That’s a good one. I think of words like rock candy, rock music, and we’ve all sung “Rock-a-Bye-Baby…in the tree top, to our little ones at one time or another, and then there’s the beautiful, old hymn we all know and love…”Rock of Ages,” along with a lesser known one, “The Rock That Is Higher Than I,” also known as “Rock of Refuge.”

I have a special rock. It’s approximately 2.5 ft. it came from the area where the number 17 coal miners was located here in Jenny Lind. My son tells me it’s the reason for his back problems today. You see, I wouldn’t let him rest until tat big rock was mine, he obliged, and it has a permanent position on my driveway.

My brother Mick, was a “rock hound.” He said he gave 50 cents for the rock he gave me. The lady he bought it from didn’t know the origin of it, but it resembles an Indian Warrior. Who wouldn’t be proud of a rock like that?

I’m also proud of my potato rock given to me for my collection.

As I start to edit this “rambling rock” article, I read it over one more time…but decided to “leave it alone.” I like it, and as I go about sweeping off the patio, and admiring my rocks scattered about, I start to um “Rock of Ages,” and I ponder…and as I seek God’s guidance today, I thank Him for being my Solid Rock.