[Everyone of a certain age remembers when polite language was always used in mixed company and I believe the fairer sex considered it unladylike to use coarse language at all. Nevertheless of the few sites I googled, all presumed positive causes and effects for using swear words in everyday speech. Here I was informed that the average adult has mastery over about 20,000 words in their vocabulary and manages to utter around 140 vulgarities per day. Children learn at least one curse word by age two, and 40 by age six.]

“Esmeralda, why do you use such language?” Because it is a man’s world and I must get along in it. “But you are a woman, and quite attractive I might add.” In order to compete and claim my rightful due, I must act and speak like a man. In fact, I claim equal role. And there you go, saying I am attractive. You would not say that to a man.

“You are right about that. Sorry to offend you. But roles are not the same as rights. Anyway, the cursing…” It is a mark of manliness. “But you are a woman. Doesn’t it offend your mother?” Mother is an original libber. She did not accentuate her language that much but generations must progress. We are not going back. Besides, it proves I have situational control. I have moxie. I can shock, joke, or converse with either (I mean any) gender. Modern women don’t mind expletives. You should hear…

“What if it is offensive to some?” Why should it be? Get over it. Do you not watch TV, or go to the movies, or listen to music, or read anything? “You think I am being stuffy then?” Well, hey, I am the cultured one here and I might add, highly educated. I have managed the ladder of success quite well I think. I know of what I speak.

“May I say once more how it detracts from your femininity? In my opinion it lessens respect you might otherwise garner and makes your company less desirable…and detracts from your beauty.” There you go again. So men may swear and I not? I am reaching for the same stars they are, so I speak the same language. It is like tattoos. Where would the WNBA be without tattoos and swearing? It makes good TV and a more competitive atmosphere.

“What of your children?” What of them? They speak no better or worse than other children you have heard at play, in the park, at the mall. “And at home.” Yeah, right.

“Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.” So?

“Jesus said to,” ‘“Let your yea be yea, and your nay be nay.”’ Whatever! *#*~

[Paul Harvey was the first public personality I remember commenting (and lamenting) on the appearance and rising use of vulgarity on the public airwaves. A famous comedian of the time was and is still applauded for taking on TV censorship and speaking in succession the seven forbidden words. Today filthy language is very commonplace in media drawing laughter without comedy and emphasizing the dramatic in non-existent storylines; not to mention network and cable news personalities seeking ratings and acceptance by their hip and vulgar language skills. Jesus says something profound in Matthew 12:34. “For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Revealing is it not, and more reliable than google. Cursing has never inspired an athlete, endeared one to a friend, or won a lover. It shames the masculine and disarms the feminine. It is no redeeming legacy to leave a child. We can do better.]