Do little girls ever make a play house anymore? When I was a little girl that was the most fun I had. My beautiful houses were outlined in rocks most of the time with only one room, but oh, how beautiful even though there was no furniture, in my mind there was. Who could forget the pretty blue dishes I had made from broken Milk of Magnesia bottles? I was the proud owner of two real play houses built by my brother, Pat. Each one framed with wood. Where the wood came from I will never know. The frame was covered with burlap feed sacks. Oh, how special I felt. I even had a “settee” made from the willows that grew along Heartsill Creek. Each spring a group of Gypsies would camp along the creek. That was years before the land along the creek was filled in making room for the business establishments that are now located on West Center Street. The Gypsies made furniture, settees, chairs and even rockers from the willows that grew along the creek. There appeared to be a lot of willows to work with. Many Greenwood residents had willow furniture on their front porches.

The Gypsies families were always welcomed in Greenwood. To my knowledge there was never any trouble. I’m not sure Mama was too happy that I acquired her willow settee for my playhouse. Kids can be awful at times. One of the ladies in our neighborhood was in very fragile health at that time being confined to a daybed a great deal of the time. My friend, the late Norma Jean Bell, and I would take turns lying on the settee pretending to be our neighbor. We spent many happy hours playing with our dolls. I don’t think little girls today know how to play with paper dolls. I spent a lot of hours cutting out paper dolls from an old catalog. I was good at making furniture from match boxes and pages from a wall paper catalog. Could I make any kind of furniture today? NO! I wouldn’t know how to start. Mama said I named each member of my paper doll family, carrying on a conversation with each one. She told me I spent a lot time pretending to sell her something. I would tell her all about my husband, “Joe” and my family. I guess you could call me a GREAT PRETENDER. She, also told me if there was a visitor at our house during the day Daddy could tell who it was because I would talk just like them. One day a man who worked with Daddy was eating dinner with us. It seem this man had a speech impediment. Much to the embarrassment of my parents I was talking just like him. I have embarrassed myself a lot of times when I would be talking to the late Dr. Alvarez who spoke in broken English. I would be talking just him. He never seemed to notice. Kids don’t seem like kids today. Instead of little girls playing make believe with dolls and paper dolls and little boys playing cowboys and Indian they are more interested in what they can do with a cell phone. My youngest Great-granddaughter, who is seven, has a play room full of toys, a complete kitchen with stove and sink. Does she ever play pretend? NO, I usually find her using the computer or on her cellphone.

It is no fun to visit any more or even go out to eat as everyone has a cell phone in their hand. If they are talking to someone they talk so loud you can hear what they are saying or else they are just texting or playing a game. Don’t anyone just sit and visit today? I guess I’ll just entertain myself by “pretending” I’m talking to someone on a cell phone.