Do you really love me Peter? Lord You know that I do.

Do you really love me Peter? Lord I would give my life for You.

You’d do well, but do you love me? Lord, why ask again?

Feed my lambs and my sheep if you’re truly my friend.

They will go astray any day, so to them you must tend.

Pentecost on day fifty, one hundred twenty gathered together

Saw streets filled with folk who seemed fearful. What was the matter?

They said what shall we do? Are we in truth all that bad?

Repent to be saved. Be baptized, Peter said.

Three thousand souls agreed, believed and were glad.

A eunuch for Candace the Queen was traveling in chariot

Delighting to read but confused in what was meant it.

The evangelist appeared and explained a lamb taken to slaughter.

The convinced eunuch sought penance in awe and said, Look there is water.

It’s just my size puddle, please baptize afore we go any farther.

Cornelius the Gentile, a Roman, in Yahweh was interested.

So seeing Jews of the Way, he stopped them, then questioned;

Hence sending for Peter, who else, God meant two with one stone,

He dreamed of bedsheets from heaven, Centurion was saved and his home.

Unclean, cloven and despairing, Jewish comparing, at once gone and done.

Saul of Tarsus was getting along well while persecuting the Way,

When struck down on the road by a light had not much to say

Save who are you Lord, what want you of me?

I am Jesus whom you hurt, much suffering you must see

And it will take time to become who I want you to be.

Go along now Paul by feel, until My servant finds you.

His hands will restore your sight and he will tell you what to do.

A vessel of Mine you will be by and by

To preach to the Gentiles, I’ll see to it you’re not shy

Nor lacking in glory credited Me ‘fore you die.

There was Dorcas and Lydia and Timothy and Mark

That all had their day, their time, their life’s spark.

But for you in your Tennies and for me in my cap,

What will we do, what’s this thing all about?

Shall we go it alone, shall we call out for help?

Should we listen for tongues, go to the desert for clean water?

Does that even matter? Will it be easier together?

Let’s send for some great one that’s what we can do.

I know a deacon; I’ll send him to you,

And I’ll take the pastor just in case there’s a catch.

What’s that? You had rather join in with a batch.

No better, no worse, we all seem to match.

What happened? I feel different. I think He just let me in.

Where is my cap, no matter the bill was all bent.

Come in the waters fine but leave your soiled shoes.

All is gain; all’s forgiven and nothing worthwhile to lose.

Turn about give a shout; Jesus saves, spread the news.