Today, March 27th, I am sitting here enjoying a thunder storm. This may sound a little “for fetched” but I love a spring thunder storm. it is raining so hard it is almost like a fog outside. I’m not too sure I should be enjoying myself because the tornado sirens are going off. According to the TV tornadoes are likely headed to my area and to Chaffee Crossing. Brother Jim just left my house a little bit ago to go home. He lives at Chaffee Crossing.

I’m back to my writing. The storm is over. I called brother Jim and he made it home. As Mama would say, “All’s well on the Western Front.” No tornadoes.

I spent spring break on the gulf Coast in Alabama. It was my yearly trip with granddaughter, Brook, and her family. It was sprinkling rain when we left Fort Smith at four in the morning. By the time we got to Little Rock it was really raining. We had hard, hard rain as we drove through Mississippi. The farm lands of the Delta area were already flooded. When we came back through there on our way home the farm land was still flooded. As far as we could see on both sides of the road there was water. My heart goes out to the farmers because I know it will be weeks before they can plow their fields. Spring has already arrived in Mississippi. The trees are leafed out and grass is green and the azaleas are in bloom. Beautiful.

Our Condo was on the top floor sixteen stories up. The joy of each trip is sitting out on the balcony watching the dolphins. We saw more this trip than in years past. There was lots of fog this year. Something we had never seen before. The highlight of the trip was taking the ferry across to Dolphin Island. On the was we passed several off shore drilling rigs. Those things are BIG. I don’t understand if those are for drilling for oil why they are so close together. While on the Island we visited the aquarium where we all got to touch a Sting Ray. Their skin is like velvet, while a sharks skin feels like sand paper.

Every year I take my bathing suit and cover up saying this year I’m going to go to the indoor pool late at night. I never go. This year I got ready to go. I had my bathing suit but no cover up. No way was I going down in the elevator in a bathing suit without a cover up. Oh, Well! I just said to myself….maybe next year.