I am sure the readers of the Greenwood Democrat can tell, by now, that I am proud to be from Jenny Lind, and my reasons for being could go on and on, but for now I would like to share with you this short article I came across recently.

The Swedish Nightingale, JENNY LIND, whose real name was GOLDSCHMIDT, won great success as an opera singer. She was at one time, the richest and most famous singer in the world.

One day, at the height of her fabulous career, she left the stage and never returned…choosing to live in privacy.

An English friend found her sitting on the steps of a small beach cottage watching a magnificent sunset over the ocean. On her knee was a Bible. They talked for awhile and eventually the English woman asked the inevitable question.

“Madam Goldschmidt…How is it that you came to abandon the stage at the very height of your success?”

The famous singer answered quietly.

“When every day it made me think less of this.” she said, laying her hand on the Bible. “And nothing at all of that.” She pointed to the sunset.

“What else could I do?”

JENNY LIND did more than read the Bible. She responded to it’s call on her own life as well.

As citizens, we are all proud to know that our town was named for a nightingale like…JENNY LIND.