Salina Gillooley was recently presented the Chief’s Award of Excellence for her outstanding performance on September 5, 2013. She was the passenger of a vehicle that her father was driving when he experienced a medical emergency and was unconscious for a brief period of time.

Salina, with a display of quick thinking, called 911 and was able to follow verbal instructions from the 911 dispatchers to safely bring the vehicle to a stop.

"Salina showed what a leader should be and used her great judgement to possibly save lives," Lieutenant Brad Hobbs of the Greenwood Police Department said. "I believe that the Leader in Me Program sponsored by Westwood Elementary School assissted Salina in becoming a great leader. She proved this leadership by making quick and sound judgments that may have saved not only her father’s life by calling 911, but other motorists that were in the path of the driver as well."