Justin Bobbitt joined the Arkansas Nation Guard in October 14, 1989 while a Greenwood high school senior and immediately began pulling Unit Training Assemblies (Weekend Guard Drill) with the 188thFighter Wing, Fort Smith, Ark. TSgt Bobbitt’s drive for service stems from Both grandfathers serving in one WWII which earned a purple heart. His father served as Marine in Vietnam, and three uncles which also served in Army and Navy. After High School he left his home of Greenwood for the first time to Lackland AFB and began his basic training. He was able to adapt well to the discipline required for the training because his father had instilled strict discipline in him as he was growing up. After completing basic training he began his training as an aircraft structural mechanic.

In the winter of 1990 he return to Greenwood and began working at the local lumber yard. In 1994 he began a career in law enforcement with the Greenwood Police Department. After completing his training for law enforcement Justin sharped his patrol skills and was able to produce informants which allowed him to join the 12th judicial drug task force. In 1998 He was recruited and accepted position with the Arkansas State Police.

In Troop School he was awarded first place in firearms and pursuit driving. He was assigned to Sebastian County, Troop H and began patrolling the highways. In 1999 he won first place in a state wide firearms competition and in 2000 he was a member of the Arkansas National Guard pistol team. The 188th Pistol team took first place in the competition and was awarded the Governors twenty. Also in 2000 TSgt Bobbitt was awarded a Blue Knight Award from Governor Mike Huckabee for a record number of DWI arrests.

Also in 2000 he joined the Arkansas State Police State wide SWAT team. On September 11, 2001 he was placed a title 10 orders and called to duty with the 188th Fighter Wing and began support of Operation Noble Eagle. In 2002 he was deployed to Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Southern Watch. In 2003 he return to the State Police and was assigned to the Troop Schools as a Drill Instructor for new recruits. From 2003 to 2005 TSgt. Bobbitt attended a number of schools, CQB instructor, self-defense instructor, explosive entry to name a few. From June of 2005 he was called to active duty and deployed to Iraq in support of Iraqi Freedom.

In 2006 TSgt. Bobbitt received a Letter of Commendation from the State Police director for his operations on the SWAT team. In 2008 he volunteered to be put on active duty with the 188th Fighter Wing to prepare the A-10 warthog for battle in Afghanistan. TSgt Bobbitt deployed to Kandahar Afghanistan in 2010 and to Bagram Afghanistan in 2012. He is presently still on active duty assisting his unit convert to a drone, intelligence, targeting, cyber space mission.

TSgt. Bobbitt has volunteered time on several occasions to assist the Sheep Dogs with Wounded Warrior projects, Flag ceremony’s, and visiting the Veterans homes. He has strong family values and a strong desire to serve his country and help those in need. Presently he has 24 years of service in military and 20 years of law enforcement and wants to serve as long as he is able.