Alex Selkirk, 35, is announcing his candidacy for Mayor of Greenwood.

Selkirk, a product of the Greenwood school system and a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville with a degree in political science, is the partner in two businesses focused on human resource management, laws, and best practices.

Selkirk is developing his campaign around six key initiatives: decisive leadership; fairness in decision making; progressive improvements to the city’s infrastructure; emphasis on public relations to promote a positive city image; maintain an ambitious and positive attitude; and cultivate a collaborative relationship with the city council.

"The residents of Greenwood expect an effective city government. We have great schools, great athletics, great city parks, a great police force, a great fire department, and great city employees. I think that Greenwood deserves to have a great Mayor. I want to be that Mayor. It is time to talk with each other, not at each other," said Selkirk.

Candidate Selkirk and his wife, Rebecca, and two young sons moved home two years ago. After living in the Dallas area for several years they realized there was no better place to raise a family than Greenwood.

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