I would like to tell you about my sister, Robbie Davis. She’s 79 years old and such a remarkable woman.

She’s been married to Luke for almost 57 years. Together they have a blended family of 7 children and she will help anyone in need.

Robbie has been through so much in her life. In 1968, they lost their home and business to the Greenwood tornado. However, they picked up the pieces, rebuilt and continued their life here in Greenwood. In 1995, she lost her oldest son to cancer and in 2007 she was diagnosed with cancer as well. Unlike her son, she was cured and won that battle. In the last 6 months, she has lost 2 more sons, as well as my husband, who was like a son to her as well. Luke, her husband spent 25 days in the hospital with complete kidney failure, pneumonia and heart attack. He is now on dialysis three days per week.

Through all of this, she has remained strong in her faith with God.

She is my sister, but so much more like a Mother. She is 17 years older and one of her sons is only six months older than me.

Robbie is a loving, caring, strong woman. She deserves recognition for her strength and dedication to her family. She is a wonderful Mother, Wife, Sister and Friend to all.

She works at McConnell Funeral Home. Yes at the age of 79, she still works part time. They greet visitors with a smile and hugs to those who have lost a loved one.

She has just been diagnosed again with cancer and has a tough battle ahead. She will be surrounded by her family and many friends.

Please consider her for 2013 Mother of the Year