In honor of outstanding contributions in the fight against cancer, the American Cancer Society recently presented the volunteers of North and South Sebastian County an All American Relay Award at the state Relay Recharge meeting held in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The All American Relay Award identifies growth, retention, branding, diversity, and leadership within Relay events. The award also recognizes growth in fundraising, event, leadership, team, and survivorship development.

The Relay For Life of North Sebastian – Fort Smith held its Relay May 10, 2013, having thirty teams with more than 400 participants working together to raise $82,700, an increase of over $35,000 from the previous year.

The Relay For Life of South Sebastian – Greenwood held its Relay May 17, 2013. The thirty-five teams raised $65,880, an increase of almost $10,000 from the previous year.

These two Sebastian County Relays were the only two Relays in the state of Arkansas to be presented this prestigious award.

Both Relays will continue the fight against cancer with the Relay For Life of North Sebastian –Fort Smith to be held on May 30 and the Relay For Life of South Sebastian – Greenwood on May 16.