Brandy Jones of Greenwood opened BabyFlix in March of this year in a rather unique and inventive move of entrepreneurship. Jones has made 4-D ultrasound portable and it may become the next big trend for baby showers. "The 4-D it just makes it so live and so real that all the family can be involved." said Jones.

What makes Jones’ decision to make ultrasound portable so unique is that the ultrasound can be performed in the comfort of the client’s home or choice of venue. "Purely elective fun," said Jones. It allows the family to be involved even if dad is overseas or Grandma or Grandpa is out-of-state, all can participate. Jones provides a DVD and CD with the ultrasound that can be uploaded to Facebook or Youtube.

Jones’ 4-D ultrasounds take about 5 minutes to set up and 5 minutes to take down, lasts 20-30 minutes, and costs only $200. An additional $85 will provide gender determination. Jones will try to work around all clients’ schedules and will travel up to 50 miles from Fort Smith.

Jones carries a bachelor’s degree in ultrasound and has eight years of experience. No referral is needed and ultrasounds are done as a non-diagnostic procedure. Clients must be under the care of a doctor and had a normal ultrasound to participate.

Ultrasounds can also be done at Baby Chic approx. two weekends a month with special pricing available. To find out more contact Brandy Jones at