The Greenwood Parks Commission met Tuesday, May 21st. Rod Powell, Cinda Bell, Steve Ratterree, Joel Goldstein, Otis Edwards and Sonny Bell were in attendance.

A website committee has been formed to look into ways to improve the online presence of the City of Greenwood’s Parks and Recreation. The committee consists of Cinda Bell, Rod Powell, Craig Hamilton, Lee Johnson and Sandy Johnson, Michael Stromley.

Steve Ratterree brought up the idea of re-visiting discussion with Vache Grasse about the City of Greenwood assuming operations of their swimming pool in order to provide it to the citizens of Greenwood. The Commission unanimously voted to allow Ratterree to approach the City Council for their thoughts on the idea before approaching Vache Grasse.

Cinda Bell brought up the idea of moving the daytime activities of FreedomFest to Bell Park. The commissioners outlined some of the pros and cons with many points brought up by Doug Kinslow. Bell Park would provide a cooler, more spread out venue while showcasing the beauty of Bell Park. It would also allow the many bands to perform in the new amphitheater. The main worries mentioned were the issue of visibility. The festival has always been on the square, attracting many casual passersby. Bell Park might be far enough from the main traffic to effectively lose this benefit. The fireworks display would also need to stay on the square. The question of whether the logistics of moving from Bell Park back to the square for the fireworks being possible was asked. It was finally decided to bring these concerns, ideas and questions to the FreedomFest Committee at their next meeting for further discussion.

Before the meeting adjourned, Otis Edwards reminded the Commission that the City Council had mentioned the possibility of providing the funds to finish the fence project around the square in order to complete it by the Fourth of July. After further discussion, and the urging of Steve Ratterree, it was determined to be in the best interest of the citizens of Greenwood to continue on their current course and try to get private sponsors for sections of the fence. They felt it was the responsible thing to do.