The Gifted and Talented Program of the Greenwood School District is accepting nominations for the 2013-2014 school year. Nominations should be directed to your child’s teacher who will forward the request to one of the program coordinators. You may also email the coordinators directly. To nominate students attending Westwood Elementary, Greenwood Junior High or Greenwood High School, contact Carrah Efurd at To nominate students attending East Pointe Elementary and East Hills Middle School, please contact Rick Clow at

Nominations may be made at any time, however a deadline of May 5 has been established for consideration of placement at the beginning of the next school year. Only students entering grades 3-12 should be nominated.

Students nominated for the program should demonstrate above average intellectual ability, creativity, and task commitment. Nomination is the first step in a process which may or may not result in a student being placed in the gifted program. This process includes the gathering of several pieces of data about each nominee, starting with the nominee’s most current standardized testing score, responses to parent and teacher questionnaires as well as additional creativity and school abilities testing scores.

Students selected to participate in the program will receive notification of placement by September 1, 2013.