The Greenwood Fire Department recently purchased a new trailer made possible by a substantial grant from Farmers Bank.

"It’s not just for search and rescue," Chief Stewart Bryan explained. "It is more of a utility trailer. We are not completely finished with it yet. There will be shelves installed for additional storage as well as a video monitor for operations."

The new utility trailer has several planned uses. It will be set up at most public events such as Freedom Fest to function as a first-aid station. It will also provide oxygen and rest support to firefighters during prolonged firefights. In search and rescue operations, it can function as a command and support center and can also carry the Fire Department ATV to assigned locations.

There is a refrigerator, stove, microwave and bathroom as well as the capability for setting up a laptop to display essential operational information such as pictures of missing persons, area maps and search patterns. Power can be provided by a generator or by direct electrical hook-up and the trailer is also capable of hooking up to city water sources.

There are even cots that fold down from the walls to allow firefighters to rest during long operations.

This new trailer adds another level to the capabilities of Greenwood’s growing Fire Department.